graphic design houston“As a Creative Director I am inspired by many different things, and most importantly my inspiration comes from you. Hearing about your dreams and goals for your company is what gets my creativity and ideas going. Everyone thrives on success, and for Pixel and Pair Creative Agency, we thrive when you succeed. The primary goal is to be inspired by your goals and vision and make them come to life!”

-Breanna Pair


Pixel and Pair is not tied down to one specific industry, we respect every industry that we work for, and our extensive research and development is what makes us able to adapt to the uniqueness of each profession.

This is your project, your vision, and your life. Bring your passion, vision, and goals, that is what matters to us, and we want to see you thrive!



Do you feel like you are scattered, stretched too thin, or unsure of your vision? Let’s start with a consultation!


If you know where you want to go and what your vision is,

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