about pixel and pairThere’s always something inside you that drives your ambitions. It motivates you and encourages you to keep on going. Sometimes it takes us a bit to find out what that voice is, sometimes we know what it is from the start, and sometimes it changes.

I want to help others succeed. I thrive in learning new things, and in being creative. Being a designer has allowed me to learn about all the new industries that my clients are in, and create visually effective elements that will help the success of their endeavors.

When I started the Pixel & Pair Agency, my goal was to help other companies succeed. I want to hear their story, and help them become successful. Taking dreams and helping them become a reality, that’s the best job in the world.

So here at Pixel & Pair, we work to make your dreams come true. Pixel & Pair is a Creative Agency that specializes in brand development for a wide spectrum of industries. From small businesses, to large corporations, we pride ourselves on extensive research and development so we are able to adapt to the uniqueness of each profession. The primary goal is to be inspired by your goals and vision and make them come to life!


Brands Bree has done work for:

companies ive worked with

Industries we’ve done work for:

Oil & Gas

Food & Restaurant

Fashion & Modeling


Health & Wellness

Town Centers



and more!